About Us

Hi, I first put the Alexander Dyer brand on the map through my YouTube channel showcasing Home Sewing Machines to show viewers and potential clients that the antique home sewing machine I was selling worked. What I really wanted at the time was an Industrial Sewing Machine but they were too expensive for me to afford so I started buying the home machines. I was drawn to the all metal machines and also to the amazing styles and various brands of the antiques. I learned many things by acquiring and selling all those old machines like better understanding about how sewing machines work, how to adjust them, how to problem solve sewing troubles and that there was a surprising amount of interest in my sewing machines and sewing videos. I finally started to buy and sell Industrial Sewing Machines which allowed me to try many different brands and types of sewing machines.

I have met interesting people and developed a real interest in the process that is making content on YouTube. I enjoy the video equipment, the lights, the lenses, the editing of video, it is all part of the deal for me.